Bni Meslem (Asilah, Morocco)

Khanfous Retreat is located in the village of Bni Meslem, which near Asilah, Morocco. We can organise transport from Asilah (a 20 minute drive), which is accessible by train, bus and taxi from most directions.

The village of Bni Meslem (Asilah, Morocco) is practically untouched by tourists, or any other kind of commercial life. The locals live in a very traditional manner and spend their days tending to their crops and caring for their livestock. The main landmark is the mosque which operates as a Koranic school for the local children most days. Another focal point is the communal well where the women come throughout the day to collect water, as there is no mains supply to the houses* There is however electricity, which was only recently brought to the village and allows locals to enjoy modern technologies, like TV.

The main road into the village is a bumpy dirt track, making access to the village a little tricky at times. The locals keep it simple and tend to travel by foot or donkey. The difficult access to this spot is what has helped to preserve the tranquil atmosphere of the village.

Road to Khanfous Retreat - Bni Meslem, Asilah, Morocco

We recommend staying within the local area during your time at Khanfous Retreat; wander around the village, go for walks through the rolling countryside or trek down to the beach. The famous ‘Hermes’ beach (Sidi Mugait beach) and the practically undiscovered Rada beach are close by. See more on the Activities page.

We would like to minimise the use of vehicles into and out of the village to avoid too much noise and air pollution. However, should you wish to make a trip back to Asilah for the day we can organise transport for you.

*Khanfous Retreat has hot and cold running water, which is pumped from a nearby well.

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